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Cut Your Prescreen Time by 50% or More

Quickly screen for the essential qualities you need for a candidate to be successful on the job. Don't waste your time on people who aren't a match.

Reduce Your Turnover Costs

Easily see where your candidates will excel, and confirm where they will maximize their efforts over the long term and get excited about their work.

Fit The Right People To The Right Seats

Screen your candidates based on hidden core values that motivate, energize, and engage them in their work. Confidently see if they fit the job, your team, and your culture.

Two ways to start ...

Test the Sweet Spot prescreen survey on yourself in 10 minutes or less (to quickly see if you're a Mobilizer, Optimizer, or Stabilizer) and then prescreen your first live candidate for FREE when you're ready.

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Prescreen a live candidate now, by emailing them an invite. Then test the prescreen survey on yourself to find what your own personal Sweet Spot looks like.