Revealing Your Team’s Hidden Needs

The Internal Assessment: Find Your MOS Balance

Your Solution:

A simple system to quickly find the right long term candidates for your team

Phase 1: Identify your personnel needs beyond just hard skills

What type of people do you really need on your team? What are the skills you need that can’t be obtained through training and learning on the job? This is where we begin to help.

The Sweet Spot Effect model helps you quickly discover where your team is weak beyond the obvious hard skills. Sure, you may know you need a procurement specialist, but what type of person do you need in that role? Do you need a visionary, a problem solver, or just someone who can faithfully follow orders and routine tasks day after day.

These are the qualities that often get overlooked in the hiring process. Or maybe you have assessed these, but you’re not sure how to quantify them and how to hire for them. If this is you, good news! This is where the Sweet Spot Effect steps up to the plate!

Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to assess your team needs according to three simple yet powerful roles necessary for any organization to thrive and grow: Mobilizers, Optimizers, and Stabilizers.

When you find out exactly what balance of Mobilizers, Optimizers, and Stabilizers you need to thrive, we call that your MOS Balance.

Most of your candidates will have the job experience and hard skills you're looking for, but once you know your MOS Balance, you can identify what types of people you can skip in your interviewing process so you can focus on the right candidates.

This saves you time in the short term by speeding up the hiring process, but also saves you time and money in the long term by empowering you to make smarter hiring decisions. With the help of the Sweet Spot Effect, you'll begin to employ people who not only have the work experience you're looking for, but who are also hard wired to thrive in the role you need them to play in the company.

Suffering from low employee engagement? This is how the Sweet Spot solves that. Not only are you hiring the right people for your team. You are providing those you hire with more than a job. You'll be matching them with a role they can really engage in!