Learning and Development Solutions to Make Your Business More Productive

Learning and Development Solutions to Make Your Business More Productive

Tap into the power of Core Value

It all starts with a quick 10 minute survey.

Reduce your prescreening time by 50% or more – Guaranteed.

Mobilize  ♦ Optimize  ♦ Stabilize

It all starts with a quick 10 minute survey.

Tap into Core Values to Unlock Peak Performance

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A healthy and prosperous business is built with healthy and motivated employees who are doing exceptional work that aligns with their core values every day.

But how do you actually find out what a person's core values really are?

That's where the Sweet Spot comes in to help. After decades of working with companies of all sizes from various industries, we've developed a suite of easy to use tools that help you identify each of your employee's core values and then use those to build the most productive and healthy teams possible.

With the Sweet Spot Effect, You'll be Able to...

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Hire With Confidence

Go beyond the resume to hire with intuitive insight, regardless of your hiring experience. 

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Shape Your Team

Quickly see the gaps that exist on your team and how to fill them with the right people.

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Engage Your People

Get your employees fully engaged and motivated by their work every day.

Your Sweet Spot Toolkit

We provide a growing kit of tools and resource to help you build better and more productive teams by tapping into the core values hidden in each of your employees.


Survey Tools

Get the confidence you need, with intuitive insights that reveal the best fit for the position you want to fill or the team you want to build.

  • Quick and easy to take
  • Mobile deployed
  • Free and paid plans
  • Links to your website
  • Prescreen multiple positions
  • Survey unlimited candidates


Quickly understand the strengths and challenges of both individual workers as well as teams. Clearly see how to organize for increased productivity.

  • Assess individuals
  • Evaluate work-groups
  • Recognize weaknesses
  • Craft better job descriptions
  • Reorganize based on strengths
Sweet Spot Effect book


Access unique educational and motivational materials that work to enhance corporate-culture development and individual growth.

  • Engaging books
  • Training videos
  • eLearning courses
  • In-person workshops
  • Coaching & consulting

It All Starts Here:
Are you a Mobilizer, an Optimizer, or a Stabilizer?

In our decades of management consulting and team building, we've identified 3 core values within all people. These core values determine the kind of work that motivates each of use to do and be our best. Those 3 core values are Mobilizer, Optimizer, and Stabilizer. We're all either one of these, or a combination. And when you're working in this area, you're in your Sweet Spot!

We've developed a simple survey that reveals which one you are in less than 10 minutes. We call it the Sweet Spot Survey.

What You Can Expect From the Sweet Spot Effect

When a person’s job aligns with their sweet spot they become energized. When a whole team or company applies the Sweet Spot Effect, trust and respect can increase, productivity can soar, and turnover in staff can drastically drop.

Hire the right people the first time

Cut wasted training and administrative costs

Empower employees to do their best work

Stop micromanaging

Build more productive teams

Increase employee engagement

Boost company morale

Stop the turnover

hire with confidence

Will your new hire be a dog? Employers – hire with new confidence!

hire with confidence
Get ahead of the competition in the job market

Does your work have purpose? Discover the work you're wired for.

Get ahead of the competition in the job market