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Turn Terminations Into Positive and Helpful Experiences

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Firing the right way

Maybe you’ve never been terminated from a job before, but if you have, it probably wasn’t a pleasant experience.

And if you’ve ever had to be the one doing the terminating, or letting others go, then you know that experience can be a really hard one as well. You’re not only removing someone’s source of income for them and their family, but you’re also in essence telling them they’re not doing the job or you don’t have a place for them anymore.

So whether you’re the one doing the terminating or the one being terminated, the whole firing process just overall stinks, right?

Can firing someone be a pleasant experience?

But what if it didn’t have to? What if you could turn terminating someone into a positive, helpful, and even hopeful experience for them?

Sound crazy? Well it’s not as crazy as it sounds…. IF you’re equipped to do it the right way.

Fire someone towards the right role for them

So.. what’s the right way to fire someone? You do it by not just telling them they’re no longer a fit or not pulling their weight, but also telling them what they’re actually good at, and pointing them in that direction.

Well…. the Sweet Spot Survey helps you to do that. It will tell you what type of work this employee is wired to excel at. … and what naturally motivates them to do their best. Encouraging them to go in a new direction.

Help your exiting employee understand where they'll excel

And once you know someone’s Sweet Spot, you may even be able to refer them with confidence to their next employer.

Give them an edge as they go out the door for their next job interview and explain the things that motivate them to success.

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