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Smarter and Faster Hiring

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Your Dilemma:

Should I hire them?” 

The company needs help now, but how can you be sure you’ve got the right one? Job applicants can be like a bunch of books you don’t have time to read. There’s a lot to look into, and a lot to consider. Yet we know by painful experience the wrong decisions can be costly.

Once you find someone with the right skills and experience the question remains, “Is this the right fit?” You want someone looking for more than a paycheck. Someone who’ll be energized by the job, with a sense of mission and purpose, and someone who’ll be with you long term.

Can I hire faster?

Taking a scientific approach to hiring might help. However, people are complex and they don’t fit well into formulas. So is there really a system to cut through the layers, see past canned interview responses, and get right to what matters quickly?

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