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Prescreening Surveys Accelerate the Hiring Process

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The Candidate Assessment

Phase 2: Candidate Assessment Tool

Once you know what types of people you need for the role you’re hiring for you, can utilize the Sweet Spot survey as a prescreen assessment tool that helps you select the right person for the seat you’re trying to fill.

How it works

  1. You invite your candidates to take the Sweet Spot survey via a link in simple email.
  2. Each candidate take a quick 10 minute survey that assesses them according to our Mobilizer - Optimizer - Stabilizer model.
  3. You receive a report and assessment chart on each candidate. This assessment tells you what percent mobilizer, optimizer, and stabilizer each person is.
  4. You can then begin to eliminate candidates whose Sweet Spot Effect profiles don’t match the needs you identified in Phase 1.

Short term and long term benefits

  • Fnd the right person faster by eliminating unnecessary interviews
  • Helps you ask more revealing questions in the interview
  • Your employees will be more fulfilled and engaged in their job
  • Lower turnaround and higher productivity
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