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Job hunters: Do this to align your work with what’s important to you

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What does work mean to you?

First, before going further— if you look at your work as nothing more than a paycheck you might not be interested in the rest of this video.

But, if you believe there’s more to a job than just the job, keep listening…

Have you ever thought about the type of work you’d really like to do? I don’t mean the type of job, job title, or even the career path.

Work that motivates you

What I’m talking about is the type of work that really matters to you, that motivates you to do your best to excel, and the type of work you were wired to do?

It may sound cliche, but how would you like to be one of those people who say they love their job so much that it doesn’t even feel like work?

If that sounds good to you, then I’ve got great news. We can help you get there with a simple tool called the Sweet Spot Survey.

The Sweet Spot Survey helps you look for the right job

We’ve developed a highly successful survey that will take you less than 10 minutes, and will tell you in what areas you naturally excel. That’s your Sweet Spot, once you discover how your Sweet Spot can work for you, you’ll never look at job hunting the same.

Job hunting IS WORK but you’ll feel empowered in your interview knowing your Sweet Spot superpower, and what sets you apart from everyone else.

So go ahead, take the survey now. It’s yours free!

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