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Increase Donations by Boosting Volunteer Engagement and Recruitment

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Donors start as volunteers

If you’re in nonprofit management, then you already know that a large portion of your significant donors, as well as board members, start off as volunteers.

So let’s talk about how better volunteers lead to more donations.

What you don't want

Imagine if a wealthy person is eyeing your nonprofit for a large donation. They come to volunteer, but when they get there, your volunteers are few, overworked, and unengaged. Some of them even look bored. And when this potential donor sparks up a conversation with them, they don’t communicate any level of genuine excitement about your organization.

Would that potential donor be excited about donating to you? Probably not.

What you do want

On the other hand, imagine if when that donor shows up to volunteer at your organization, they encounter a strong team of excited and engaged volunteers. Everyone is firing on all cylinders, and in conversation with them, they are all clearly excited about the work they’re doing and being a part of your vision.

How would the donor feel then? You got it… Like your nonprofit is a winner and that their donation will be well invested with you.

Of course any nonprofit would love an on fire, fully engaged volunteer team. But how do you get there?

Motivating your team to be engaged

One method that we’ve found very effective is to know the motivational styles of your volunteers. In other words, what type of work gets each person excited. If someone is naturally wired to lead a team, do you really want them stuffing envelopes all day?

The Sweet Spot survey tells you exactly how each person on your team is wired, so that you can assign them tasks that will engage and inspire them. This leads to excited and engaged volunteers who feel like they’re making a significant and unique contribution to your nonprofit’s mission.

Now, when potential donors show up to volunteer and decide if you’re the right place for them to donate, you’ll be able to put your best foot and face forward.

So go ahead, try the survey out for yourself. It takes less than 10 minutes, and it’s free!

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