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Getting you team to buy into the vision

How do you get an employee to buy into the vision, be engaged, and work with enthusiasm? What can turn them into a motivated team member and leader?

Hundreds of studies show communicating your vision and purpose are keys to onboarding people new and old. And, in order to get and maintain productivity—engagement and enthusiasm IS necessary.

Buy in = productivity

How do you know when a person has bought into and believes in the vision of the company and is willing to work toward that vision? Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple, repeatable process and tool to help learn this...and bring out the best in them?

When a motivated person feels they are contributing to the success of the team they feel a sense of value and pride, this naturally boosts productivity and morale.

How can you know what motivates a person?

We’re excited to offer you the perfect tool— the Sweet Spot Survey— Now you can assess each person’s motivational work style and deepen your understanding of your team.

Once you have this information you will be able to coach them to accomplish what is needed for the present job.

By using the Sweet Spot Survey you can chart a project and its needs as well as where a person on the team will do their best.

The Sweet Spot Survey, will reveal in 10 minutes the type of work preferences each person on your team has….

Engage your team members when you know their Sweet Spots

Once you’re equipped with that data, you’ll know exactly how to motivate and engage even the least engaged person on your team and where to make job assignments for success.

Go ahead. Try it out, It’s FREE...

Take the Sweet Spot survey for yourself to see how accurate it is.

Then imagine what you can do when you have this data for your whole team or when hiring.

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