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Incorporating the Mobilizer / Optimizer / Stabilizer Model in a Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations, need volunteers to be motivated and perform with the least amount of oversight, plus be consistent and dependable. Here’s the question though….

How can you be sure you’ve made the right assignments to volunteers so they keep coming back and are having fun serving???

Every person is motivated differently based on their core beliefs. How can you quickly learn how they’re motivated?

Now you have a tool to help you. It's called the Sweet Spot Survey.

Discover what motivates your your volunteers

The Survey will help you discover what makes them tick. It reveals what they value most and gives them joy. When a person is operating in the area that brings them the most satisfaction, they feel fulfilled and they’ll keep coming back to help you fulfill your mission.

There are three basic motivational styles you need to know about, they are Mobilizers, Optimizers and Stabilizers.

The Mobilizers motivate and attract others into action.

Optimizers love invention, building systems, and problem solving.

And Stabilizers they enjoy the daily tasks and will consistently execute their duties.

Success comes when all three styles or combinations are balanced on the team.

Give your volunteers tasks that align with their Sweet Spot

If you know how your people are motivated, and you can align them with the tasks they’re naturally wired for, you’ll see a boost in productivity and morale—no more micromanaging...

So go ahead, take the Survey for yourself. It’s free, takes less than 10 minutes! After that have everyone else take the survey.

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