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Standing out from the crowd

Employers can easily have hundreds of applications to go through to find the right person for a single position. How in the world do you make yourself stand out in that crowd?

The disengaged worker problem

Let me briefly explain one of the problems facing employers today. It’s disengaged employees…You may ask, "How does that concern me? I’m just looking for a job!"

Let me explain, when someone is working at a job that doesn’t motivate them or one they don’t like, they are not going to do their best, the day to day tasks are simply not interesting to them and there’s no fulfillment in the job.

Unfortunately, this is far too often the case. Disengaged employees are serious problems managers try to avoid. It costs to train someone who will leave because they’re not interested in the work or they have to be fired for doing a poor job.

The Sweet Spot Survey shows you where you shine!

Here’s where the Sweet Spot Survey can help make a difference in your job interviewing. When you talk to a potential employer about what you offer as evidenced by this brief survey, you are already many steps ahead of the competition.

Ok, so how is this possible?

Employers want engaged, enthusiastic, team oriented employees.

By knowing yourself and your strengths better, as well as your baseline motivation, you will be able to clearly communicate on your resume and in an interview what makes you different. This doesn’t replace listing your actual accomplishments and job experience, but it gives you the edge.

It helps an employer gauge where you’ll fit on their team, and it tells them how you’ll remain productive without them having to micro-manage you. This strength is something most of your competition for the job won’t be prepared to articulate.

The Sweet Spot Survey takes less than 10 minutes, and it will equip you with knowledge of what motivates and inspires you, so you can frame your resume and interview around those “superpowers”.

Be confident in your resume and interviews now

You’ll be able to confidently represent yourself and the value you bring to any organization.

So go ahead, take the survey. It’s free, and when you’re done, you’ll know your motivational style that gives you your superpower!

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