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Are you a Mobilizer, Optimizer, or a Stabilizer?

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So what exactly is a Mobilizer, Optimizer, or Stabilizer?

You're going to be seeing those 3 words - Mobilizer, Optimizer, and Stabilizer - a lot on this site. They are terms we’ve developed to identify the type of work you’re best suited for. The type of work you’ll most naturally excel at and enjoy.

Discover your superpower at work

This simple tool, called The Sweet Spot Survey, takes less than 10 minutes to complete and when you’re done, it will tell you whether you’re a Mobilizer, an Optimizer, a Stabilizer, or a combination.

We call this your Sweet Spot Profile, and it's illustrated on your Sweet Spot Snapshot.

What exactly do these terms mean?


Mobilizers like to motivate and attract others into action. They thrive at casting the vision and leading the charge for the team. They have so many ideas, others have a hard time keeping up with them.


Optimizers are drawn to invention, building systems, and problem solving. These people often thrive when building systems to achieve the vision cast by the Mobilizer or anyone else.  A problem is never too big for them to solve.


Stabilizers are drawn to steady service and consistent execution of tasks. These great people thrive at making sure the daily tasks are done consistently and dependably. At the end of the day, they keep the ship afloat and you live to fight another day!

Know your Sweet Spot balance

Once you know whether you’re a Mobilizer, an Optimizer, a Stabilizer, or some combination, you can confidently represent yourself to employers and managers, and show them exactly how you’ll bring value to their team.

Go ahead and take the survey for yourself. It takes less than 10 minutes, and it’s free. Discover your superpower!

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