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Let’s talk productivity!

In all of our years working with teams both large and small, we’ve learned something you probably know as well - most teams are not as productive as they need to be by default. It takes work.

In any given team, you’ve got different people with different perspectives, priorities, energy levels, commitments, and most importantly… different motivational styles.

Motivational styles

They are all motivated by different things, and part of a good leader’s job is finding ways to motivate all the team members to stay engaged and focused on the vision.

So how is it possible to find what motivates each person to peak performance, especially when each person is so different?

How the Sweet Spot Survey helps

This is where we can help. We’ve developed something called the Sweet Spot Survey. It’s a short survey that takes less than 10 minutes to complete and will tell you exactly the type of work each team member is best wired for - the things that motivate them to excel and stay  engaged.

Even a small productivity problem can morph into a large motivation problem. Find what makes them tick and you will have solved half of your problem.   Start by taking the survey yourself, just to see how accurate it is, then have each of your team members take it. 

Once you know everyone’s Sweet Spot, you’ll know how to motivate them and keep them engaged.  You will be able to assign them the job tasks where they’ll naturally be productive, making your team more successful.  

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