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Understand Your Work Style & Motivation

Clearly See Your Work Values

See if you're a Mobilizer, an Optimizer, a Stabilizer, or combination – to better understand why you excel in some areas and not in others. Consider your previous jobs, things you've volunteered for, and other roles. What things did you excel at, and what things were you not so good at?

Apply your newfound traits as a Mobilizer, Optimizer, or Stabilizer to these successes and failures to understand your past performance better.

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Wield Your Newfound Work Superpower!

Once you know your Sweet Spot Profile, you can then chart a course to align your job search accordingly. You'll know your work "super power", and can more effectively represent your strengths on your resume and in interviews.

Align Your Job Search With Your Sweet Spot Profile

Once you know your Sweet Spot Profile, don't waste time applying for jobs that don't align with it. For example, if you're a Mobilizer, you'll quickly become frustrated with a job handling data entry day-in and day-out. If you're a Stabilizer, you wouldn't want to take a job building or leading a team; and if you're an Optimizer, you'll want to make sure you're next job includes problem-solving and creating new paths to solutions.

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Tell Your Story More Effectively

Adjust your resume to give context to your achievements according to your Sweet Spot Profile. You don't have to use the Mobilizer / Optimizer / Stabilizer terminology, as not everyone uses it, but you can explain your accomplishments and/or strengths in the context of leading teams (Mobilizer), building systems (Optimizer), or organized dependability (Stabilizer).

For your interviews, prepare real life examples that demonstrate how you excelled when you were able to line up with your Sweet Spot Profile. Highlight your preferred strength areas and also areas where you are challenged. Long term, you’ll be happier and so will your new employer.

tell your story

Excel In Your New Role

If you are hired into positions that align with your Sweet Spot Profile, you'll find you are naturally motivated. You can expect to excel and be happy. So be ready to shine on the job, and continue to look for opportunities to work in your Sweet Spot! If you are on a job that doesn’t fit your Sweet Spot profile, look for ways to adjust the job description to fit. The closer your job aligns with your personal profile, the happier and more motivated you’ll be.

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