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Insightful Systems for Intuitive Hiring and Intelligent Team Building

Sweet Spot Effect Products
A Complete System

For Employee Engagement

Sweet Spot systems are designed to measure the intuitive side of a person at work. They bring to the surface insights into the type of work that motivates a person to do their best – equipping you to:

  • Hire right
  • Build productive teams
  • Increase employee engagement

3 Simple Steps to How it Works

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STEP 1: Survey candidates and employees to find their Sweet Spot profile.

Do you have Mobilizers, Optimizers, or Stabilizers?

Use the survey to quickly prescreen candidates before you ever get to the interview stage. Don't waste time interviewing the wrong people. A quick 10 minute survey will help you eliminate those who won't be a great fit.

Survey your employees to find out the type of work they're naturally wired for. Discover what energizes and motivates them to do their very best, and put an end to micro-managing. 

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STEP 2: Match your candidate and employee profiles to specific job descriptions.

Do your Sweet Spot profiles match your job descriptions?

The Sweet Spot lets you quickly compare a person's intuitive core values to their job description. The most important element in selecting someone for a job is to understand what motivates them deep down to do their best.

From this comparison you'll easily see where changes might need to be made.

When you use the Sweet Spot to match people to specific jobs, you’ll see increased job satisfaction, team engagement, and reduced turnover.

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STEP 3: Analyze employee work-groups, teams and departments to maximize their efforts.

Are your teams organized to produce the greatest impact? 

Once in the web app, your teams, projects, departments, or even your entire company can be quickly analyzed to gauge what your combined Sweet Spot profile looks like. This will reveal where your team is strong and where it may be weak.

Then use your Sweet Spot system to determine how you can leverage your team's strengths and offset its weaknesses. Some adjustments may come through internal shifts (of people and duties) while others may come from new hires.

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Mobilize ~ Optimize ~ Stabilize

A whole new way to think about people and get things done!


A whole new way to think about people and get things done!