Unlock your performance and potential at work.

Learning and development makes all the difference.

  • We help you tap powerful core values to align individuals and groups.

    We’re a unique type of learning and development company that provides specialized tools, skills, and insights designed to drive better business performance as well as empower your team to accomplish its goals.

  • We use a “micro-learning” approach to make learning easy.

    We're a different kind of training company. On a practical level, we help managers identify and overcome gaps in training, ability, and core values. Our “micro-learning” format packages learning resources into short engaging segments and meaningful surveys, of 5-10 minutes each, easily accessible on any device.

  • We help you put the right people in the right positions.

    We're a people-first, team-building company.  Our technologies help users recognize their unique potential at work as well as organize their efforts to build effective teams — getting the right people in the right seats, doing the right job, and using best practices to grow and get more done.

  • We help you illuminate what’s really happening at work.

    We're a specialized insight company. Our products and services are designed to help you see what changes need to be made, in both people and processes, to improve working relationships and results. This “clarity of focus” gives our clients more confidence in strategic decision making for practical directional shifts.

  • We help regular people like you, connect with the solutions you're looking for.

    We're a user-friendly technology company. Through creative storytelling, social interaction, and simple game-play, we provide managers and employees with light-weight technology solutions that aren't intimidating.

Our Mission

At the Sweet Spot Effect, our mission is to help you see a whole new way to think about people and get things done. Utilizing time-tested, servant-leader principles, we help you see your unique design at work, as well as the best way to communicate that to others – providing for a more purpose-filled and successful work-life.

Our Values

Respect, acceptance, commitment, integrity, positivity, harmony, kindness, honesty, self-discipline, and joy, are the ideals we support and believe add value to life and work.

Our Promise

We promise to do our best to help you unlock your performance and potential at work. Wherever Sweet Spot Effect principles are applied, we will strive to explain and demonstrate the positive values that these principles have on you and corporate culture.