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Build a
Great Team
You Can Count On


Motivate, Energize, and Engage!

Easily tap into the personal motivations that drive your people to do their best. Discover the intuitive core values that increase worker engagement, energy and passion.

Produce Better Team Results

Quickly confirm you’ve got the right people in the right seats. Target job descriptions, leverage strengths, get people working better together, and help everyone find more joy at work.

Regain Your Confidence

Trust your team to do their jobs well, even when you’re not around. Eliminate the guesswork in hiring, firing, and reorganizing your employees.

Two ways to start ...

Quickly see if you're a Mobilizer, Optimizer, or Stabilizer, in 10 minutes or less, and then invite your team later.

– or –

Invite your team by email first, and then find your own personal Sweet Spot later.

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