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Everyone loves being part of a great team.

Quickly understand

  • how people work best,
  • what motivates them, and
  • how well they'll work
    on your team.

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Find Your Own Sweet Spot

Are you a Mobilizer, Optimizer, Stabilizer, or something in between? Find out in 10 minutes or less with our Sweet Spot Survey.

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Evaluate Your Team

Easily invite your teammates to take a fast 10 minute survey and receive a FREE Team 360˚Evaluation. It will help you quickly see if you’ve got the right people in the right seats and offer some simple suggestions about what to change if you don't.

Learn how to engage your people and bring out their very best.

Great teams tap into the personal motivations that drive us to do our best. Discover the intuitive core values that automatically increase engagement, energy and passion.

Discover your core strengths, and possible challenges, so you can:

  • target job descriptions,
  • leverage your key strengths,
  • offset your challenges,
  • get people working better together, and
  • help everyone find more joy at work.

Eliminate the guesswork in hiring, firing, or reorganizing your employees, and enjoy a new trust in your team to do their jobs well – even when the boss isn't around.